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We provide services for customers  nationwide. If you are not local and want to send your device in for repair, please fill out the form below, print it out, and include it in the package along with your device. We will work on your device as soon as it arrives and ship it back to you the as soon as repairs have been done or even the next day after the repair is complete



Fill out the form below and answer few questions about your device.



Print out the form you will receive in your email mail it along with your device

24 hours


We start working on your device within 24 hours,. Pay only if it’s Fixed.  Package ships out same day after fixing.

Liquid damage repairs are unpredictable. There is a chance that your device may be beyond repair, or maybe permanently damaged during repair and rendered useless. Circuit board components deteriorate over time as a result of oxidation from liquid particles. By mailing in your liquid damaged device, you are agreeing to the terms mentioned here and understand the risk involved. You also acknowledge that Powersolutions will not be held responsible for any damage your device sustains as a result of the repair.

If your device powers on, we highly recommend that you backup your data before you ship it to us.

Print out the form you will receive in your email and mail it along with your device please

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Serving Customers in the whole of the United Kingdom since 2008 .

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