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laptop repair


water damage – power issues – software issues – keyboard issues – hardware problems – cooling issues – no power issues – charging ports – we cover all aspects to component level repairs 

Powersolutions is one of the most trusted Laptop & Computer Repairs specialists in the UK. Our technicians have an extensive experience in repairing, they will qualitatively clean your laptop and change thermal grease, replace the display, DC jack, keyboard, cables and housing elements, audio and USB jacks, video processor or any other part replacement for both STM and BGA mounting. Carry out any motherboard repair including liquid ingress.

Once we receive your order we shall email or call you to update and ask questions about your repair this helps us speed up the process and get things done in a timely manner

we do not delete your data without permission

please do not remove batteries  slow down the process – LAPTOP REPAIRS 


you can send your devices to: Powersolutions, 209 main street,Bellshill,North Lanarkshire ,

United Kingdom, ML4 1A J

We recommend you use tracked signed postage options as we do not cover postal losses when you send the item, we do not require your chargers or cables or boxes just the mobile phone on its own please use the best packaging that protects your device while in transit

Return postage is included in the price and we always use Special tracked delivery

if you stil need any further information please call us on 01698 844 098

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