Mobile Problems?

We cant live without our precious chargeable buddies so lets keep them in good shape after they get damaged 

iphone mobile repair

Here you will find some answers with some solutions

water damage mobile

     oop’s down the bog or in the kitchen sink we have all done it don’t feel alone 

  • Wipe off any excess liquid and place in warm place for at least 6 hours 
  • Backup your data immediately if you are able to do so 
  • If its off do not try and power it on! 
  • Do no try and charge it  , this can cause more damage 
  • if this was a sugary liquid , it is worse than plain water so it will need repaired 
  • is a water damaged device dangerous ? yes the lithium battery will become unstable
  • the screen is black but i can hear notifications? most likely the lcd has failed

    The end result is if the phone is not serviced within 48 hours the life of the phone will be shorter than expected , battery issues and sensory issues are imminent , we have been repairing these issues for many years , some devices are beyond repair due to the extended damage 

Most of us have experienced that unfortunate moment when your phone slips out of your hand and the screen is smashed to pieces. Not only is it unsightly, it can make your phone impossible to use – but fixing it doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you’ve got a cracked screen, first you should assess how bad the damage is. You might be able to live with small cracks that don’t block your view too much, but larger cracks should probably be dealt with immediately. If the colours on your screen are abnormal or some pixels are no longer displaying, the damage has gone much further than the glass on top and has affected the LCD panel beneath.Cracked screens are the most common fault with all devices , the screen maybe black or discoloured or looks like it has ink leaking inside or the image maybe jumping around auto touching , you do not need to worry you much about that it can be repaired usually on the same day with our service so you can continue to with your life and work  


The home button also known as the return button can get damaged very easily by cracking or liquid damage , but it can be replaced quickly and efficiently on all device with the exception of a few apple devices where the fingerprint sensor can not be replaced but the button can be replaced physically . so the push function is returned back to normal 

if your fingerprint sensor is not working it may just be because it is dirty and needs a gentle clean with a light chemical like 100% alcohol or wipes , we are able to repair all home buttons on the market place quickly and efficiently 

on apple devices the assistive touch can be turned on via accessibility menus this can be helpful so you can continue using the phone if you cant access this menu you will have to restart the phone and go straight to that menu to activate this setting



Lithiuim Batteries only have a certain lifespan, measured in charge cycles. This means they can be fully charged and discharged only so many times. “Once a phone battery’s charge cycles are spent, metrics such as talk time begin to degrade and the user begins to notice their phone isn’t lasting as long 

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